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The Sudan Crisis: discussion by Kristof and Prendregast

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May. 19th, 2006 | 04:14 pm
posted by: faustin in kirezov_english

Experts discuss the crisis in Darfur (This link will open page on the NPR web site; the "Listen" link will open an audio file, for which you will need Windows Media Player or Real Audio player.)

Journalist Nicholas Kristof and Sudanexpert John Prendergast talk about the continuing crisis in theSudanese region of Darfur in Africa.

Kristof recently won the Pulitzer prize for his New York Timescommentary on Darfur. Prendergast is special adviser to the president of the International Crisis Group. He has 20 years of experience resolving conflict in Africa, and shaping U.S. foreign policy towardthe region.

Prendergast has traveled with celebrities Angelina Jolie and Don Cheadle, with whom he is now co-authoring a book about Darfur.

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