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Prepodovatel returns from hike to Kazan

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May. 11th, 2006 | 02:59 pm
music: Pimsleur - Russian II - Lesson 07
posted by: faustin in kirezov_english

I'm eager to see all my students again.

Meanwhile, for your entertainment:

This was entered in learn_russian:

Anyone who wants to have a good laugh:
go to http://www.translate.ru/text.asp?lang=ru, enter the following phrase in the upper text window: "Our cat gave birth to three kittens - two whites and one black.", press the red button and enjoy the result.

(Okay, here's the result: Наш кот родил трех котят - двух белых и одного афроамериканца )

(My Russian isn't so good that I actually understand this, but I am trusting that it is amusing.)

Also, from my brilliant friend Joel. Joel was a PhD student in Mathematics before he went to work for Microsoft. He hated Microsoft, and he quit and become a PhD student in Economics at the California Institute of Technology ("CalTech"). Then he quit, moved back to Seattle, Washington, and is now managing billions of dollars with the former financial managers of Microsoft.


Please note the technical comments in the "comments" section.

This image amused me, though it seems rather trivial / simple... nonetheless I like it:

One of my thoughts regarding my trip to Kazan:

NOTE: "uncivilization" is not a word in English. The artist / author created it for this cartoon, which adds to the humor...

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