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Tipping Point vocabulary

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Apr. 3rd, 2006 | 09:33 pm
posted by: faustin in kirezov_english

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Vocabulary-Reader: Preview this page before reading the text.
Most important: Please write down any words or phrases you don’t understand!

brushed-suede замша
crepe sole a soft, synthetic material, like rubber; sole = bottom of a shoe
baffled confused, puzzled
phasing out no longer producing, getting rid of
accessory jewelry, belts, scarves, socks – little extras worn with clothing
staple Main item (eg. Bread, milk, eggs, meat, rice; in clothing = jeans, t-shirt)
exploded got very large, very fast
"Ma and Pa stores" Small store managed by the owners with a single location
fad Popular, short-term trend
haute couture French for “high culture”
precisely Exactly; “for exactly that reason”
“all but dead” not being used, not popular anymore.
backwoods outlet a retail store in a rural area, not in the city
adjoining adjacent; next to; connected to. If two offices are physically connected, they are “adjoining”
gutted Removed the “guts” from; removed everything that was inside
deliberately SYNONYMS: intentionally, purposefully, “on purpose”Специально, умышленно
hipster A person who is very stylish and trendy

“desperately poor” very poor
“ghost towns” empty towns, like nobody lives there anymore
“ubiquitous” everywhere
“ran rampant” widespread, spreading very fast, unstopped
“with the weight of those crimes falling hardest in places like…” = most of the crime, and the worst of the crime, was happening in places like…
“conceivable” Imaginable

What are:

  • Impulse buying?

  • Word-of-mouth?

More vocabulary from pp. 5-6:

· Stoops = front of house; porch
· Old folks = old people
· Dusk = time after sunset, before it’s completely dark
· Gang warfare = hordes, like the mafia, fighting with each other
· Chatter = talking
· “beat officer” = policemen on the street, patrolling, walking through neighborhoods
· “dispatcher” = police on radio, communicating with “beat officers”
· “sidewalks filled up again” = revival, became crowded with people on the sidewalks
· “rapid fire” = automatic weapons firing, eg. Machine guns
· precinct = Police precinct, means a district or area
· decline = decrease
· gradual = slowly, piece by piece, bit by bit
· plunged = very rapid decline
· “puzzling gap…” = mysterious difference between the changes, and the effect they produced; it’s puzzling, or mysterious, means it really needs an explanation
· ebb = отлив
· plummeted = plunged; fell down very fast
· indices = indexes, or measurements, or collections of measures

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